Tips for Spending Less Money to Use Air Conditioning

For each degree you reduce the temperature the appliance is consuming about an additional 8% of energy, according to the saving tips from the experts.

Tips for Spending Less Money to Use Air Conditioning

When using an air conditioner, often make mistakes that cause increased consumption and additional expenses. These recommendations will allow you to fight high temperatures without the end of the summer you meet a bill of light by clouds.

In a particularly hot summer we should know the keys to use air conditioning more efficiently. These devices represent only 1% of normal electricity consumption of households throughout the year (in a household with an average consumption of 4,000 kWh per year, the fridge, for example, represents 18%), but during the summer months if you do not know how to use properly, can carry more of an annoyance in the already high electricity bill. Remember, you can also spend a lot of money if the device in your home does not properly work. As additional information for you who are living in Arizona and surrounding area and in need a professional AC service Phoenix, Morehart Air Conditioning & Heating will help you with their professionally trained technicians from maintenance and repair service to replacements, air cleaning and other works that can only be done by experts.

As there is a misuse of heating during the winter, in the summer months many users usually set the thermostat too low a temperature, with the false belief that it will cool down before the house. Others tend to waste the cooled air to leave open doors or windows.

For the use of air conditioning is not be prohibitive, just practice when the heat more and more essential is pressed home, the expert gives you the keys to save and reduce your consumption.

Identify the most efficient models

If you do not already have air conditioning, to find lower power models to look out on the energy label. This label follows a European directive requiring sellers to include this certificate in most appliances. Labels have a common part and another in which the characteristics of the model appear.

For energy efficiency of the appliance you should see the first one, which, together with the brand and name, are a letter and a color code. The letter A and the green color refers to the most efficient equipment, while the red and the letter G, the least. It, therefore, that at the time of buying one of these opt products by those with an A on its label. It is estimated that, in the case of goods of class G, consumption can be three times that of the most efficient.

If your home does not have a more efficient central air conditioning system, you must choose between the two models available on the market: compact (which are usually attached to the windows and have the condenser and evaporator air into a single structure) and model matches, in which the capacitor occupies a unit to be placed on the outside of the house and connects to the evaporator located inside. The latter requires more space, but also ensures, for equal power, greater capacity. There are also small transportable models, but have smaller condensers and evaporators are less efficient.

It is preferable that both internal and external units are located in such a way that gives them the sun as little as possible, not located near appliances, heat and have a good air circulation. The experts also recommend that if these units are on a roof are covered in some way so that they are in the shade.

A temperature of 24ºC

This is one factor that most influences the consumption of the appliance. Not lower the temperature set on the thermostat will cool the room before. The only thing you get with it is a major expense.

There are several recommendations on the exact temperature at which the thermostat should be set. The Ministry of Industry advised to put the air conditioning at 24 ° C, while most of people believe that “the body’s adaptation to climatic conditions of summer and the wearing less clothes and lighter allow a temperature of 26 ° C is more than enough to feel comfortable inside a house.”

The maximum difference recommended against the outside temperature is 12ºC and every degree you lower the temperature the appliance is consuming about an additional 8% of energy.

Other tricks

Besides model selection and programming of the air conditioning system, there are also several daily actions that allow cool the house with less power consumption.

– The hours when temperatures are lower (during early hours of the morning and evening) to ventilate the house or room.

– Cleaning your air conditioner. Dirty air filters force the unit to consume more energy to cool the house.

-You can also combat home heating due to thermal insulation ensures lower energy consumption not only in summer but all year. Sometimes major reforms are necessary: simply put an awning or agreed to close blinds and curtains run.

When the air conditioner is turned on is desirable to close doors and windows. Avoid hot air access to the house allows savings of over 30% in consumption.

-The Selection of the house painting also lets better thermal insulation, since white colors reflect sunlight and help keep the cool air in the rooms.