Some Significant Steps You Need To Learn Before Selling Your Property

Learn to set the selling price of a property

Learn to set the selling price of a property is important. By doing it correctly you can get better returns and get a buyer faster. In this process, it is best to seek the services of a professional appraiser regardless of the type of property (housing, offices, warehouses, commercial premises or offices). They conducted a study and analysis that takes into account aspects of the market, state and characteristics of the property, replacement cost and overview of urban and natural environment.

Some Significant Steps You Need To Learn Before Selling Your Property

However, it should be noted that this service has a cost that is worth taking in order to start your business right foot. Note that in the case of mortgage or sell to entities, associations and public or private companies must have an appraisal signed by an accredited appraiser for an auction, the National Registry of Appraisers or the Colombian Society of Appraisers (in case of hiring one Require the respective credentials, this will give greater security).

Defining the offer price

Now, as the price recorded on Cadastral Bulletin (Assessment Cadastral) is not necessarily real, those who decide to embark on their own valuation of your property must start from scratch. They should be aware that it is their heritage that will sell, so it is best to avoid risks.

Homeowners can get an idea of ​​the price the following process-this does not guarantee the accuracy of the amount or replace the services of a value:

  1. Make a form in which these data relationships (apply that apply to your property)
  2. Property type
  3. Obsolescence (year built)
  4. Area
  5. Stratum
  6. Floor that is
  7. Number of bathrooms
  8. Number of parking
  9. Intelligent Building (offices)
  10. Height (winery)
  11. Number of telephone lines
  12. Lease price
  14. Call to find out the properties that are for sale in the same area of his. Ask all the data of your return and write carefully. Try to talk to some people who are selling properties in the same industry and share them view points about it.
  15. For your calculation is as close to reality, the sample taken must not be less than 20 properties.
  16. Then begin to classify the properties and select those with the features most are similar to yours.
  17. Divide the price of each for your area and thus obtain the value per square meter.
  18. Then add the prices obtained and divide by the number of properties used in this exercise.
  19. The result will serve as a reference to decide the rental of your property.

However, the value obtained does not have to be that initially prompted, as it is important to have a margin for negotiation. It is recommended, therefore, that the base price is 10 above what is planned. Also, if the property have additional services or arrangements Those who do not enjoy property in the area should be taken into account in setting the base price of sale and, in turn, use them as bargaining argument.

Sell your property quickly through advertising

Getting a customer for your property, with the cash and willing to pay the right- price is not a task that achieved from one day to another.

Therefore, you must perform task dissemination and negotiation can take several days or even weeks and months. To reduce this period, a good option is to go to a specialist broker in real estate, a real estate. If so, single-sign a document must appropriation of property and thereafter, this will secure the client, negotiate with him and advise you on the steps of the case.

When selling a property, the property turn out to be the best option since you will not waste time showing your property or taking calls or visits from curious or people who do not have the means or interest to close the deal.

Note that if you hire the services of a real estate must pay the respective fees are derived from a percentage of the sale, which is agreed by the parties.

If the decision to sell on your own, you can do it yourself but you must start the process of disclosure, something like design and assemble a small advertising campaign about your offer (remember that this will also generate some costs).

Among the steps that can be used for this purpose are the following tools:

  • Set a fair price. Often the interest ​​may flee for the high price. Just let them compare the value of your property with some similar in the same sector to notice if this is high, low or fair. In most cases this is achieved faster determinate potential buyers or, conversely, to frighten them.
  • Messages in the window. It is buy a poster and put it in a visible outward from the building in which the data to contact you indicating place. However, in many properties regulations prohibit such notices.
  • Word of mouth. A family, co-workers and acquaintances can tell and advise them if they know of anyone who is interested in your property please do it know. Often the guards of joint and neighbors who care business happen to be the most effective dissemination channels.
  • Classified ads in the media. Just make a call and charge the cost to a utility bill or credit card or debit get your property appears in a newspaper, radio or television. Such notices are often very effective at weekends (especially in press), but at cost advertisers usually include very few words and descriptions, so you can receive hundreds of calls that do not ultimately prove any client. This occurs for that call only to look around or just to learn the details of the property are no longer interested or does not fit your needs or possibilities. Another disadvantage with these classifieds and his ‘life’ useful is very short: a few seconds or a few days at most.
  • Internet publishing. The Web is the most effective and economical means for publishing real estate offers. There owners -a price may include very low- all property information including photos and virtual tours.

They also have highly advanced engines that allow them to find properties according to their real needs and possibilities. Therefore, when stakeholders call the owner of a property, do to close the deal because they know the necessary information property and even industry. This saves you time and money in attending unnecessary calls.

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The more information you include in advertisements, the greater the chances of being contacted by potential customers. Another key to this process is to be punctual. When quoting stakeholders to view the listing I arrived on time, not only because this gives an image of seriousness but because a customer can spot trouble because of default and go and with him a great opportunity to quickly close the deal.

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