An effective solution to eliminate bed bugs from our home

After many years the well-known bed bug, an unpleasant pest quite similar to the common flea – are back in homes. The boom hit some countries in the world: many people have complained a very unwelcome guest to their homes!

The Bedbug (Cimex lectularius L.) increases in recent years with its annoying presence in hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and even public transportation.

This insect was quite common in some European countries until the early 50’s, usually associated with poor hygiene conditions, but not always. Later due to the availability of synthetic insecticides effective and residual and thanks to the progressive improvement of structural conditions and hygiene in buildings, its presence has gradually rarefied. In the last 6-8 years there has been reappearance in European countries characterized by a high level of industrialization. Some countries also have to deal with the return of these pests, remember, is a hematophagous, particularly found in some cities that are visited by a large number of continuous tourists coming from many different nations.

Their return has not been escaped, the expert of pest control recently presented bed bug control program. Plunkett in particular has tried to analyze the reasons for this increasingly common “recurrence”, Plunkett’S bed bug control program including:

Education and awareness

Plunkett’s believes that people should be well-informed in case of bed bugs. The correct cutting edge bed bug education and awareness will help many people understand to fight the present bed bug blight. The earlier people are educated and well-informed, the easier way to overcome these pets problem. Plunkett has been analyzing and investigating this problem, the experts help people by publishing some fact sheets, poster, banner etc. to encourage people in solving the bed bugs problem.

The cost control

There will be undoubted the truth that eliminating the bed bugs need a costly program.  But the faster handling of this matter so the cheaper the cost required. So the people need an earlier education and awareness to control these bed bugs before they turning into a large number harmful pests and more difficult to control.


Among these frequent difficulties and the presence of the bug on the bed can be encountered by some pest control in quickly and effectively. Plunkett has been testing and analyzing every solution to eliminate these pests. And now Plunkett has found the best and effective solution regarding the elimination of these bed bugs.